Army Day Wishes Video Status 2022 - Indian Soldier Army Video Download


Celebrating the selfless men that protect us is Army Day🎖️. Soldiers are often deployed abroad to defend our borders and values. From them, we receive our sense of security and safety at home. We thank them for their bravery🦁 with this video status for Whatsapp download. You can easily download this Army Day Status Video For WhatsApp by pressing the "download" button.

We have collected the Best list of Happy Army Day Status in Hindi and their meaningful wishes messages. You can send this army day status video to your loved ones and friends on Happy Army Day. Here are some best wishes from our collection.

Best Soldier Army Status Videos

What is Army Day in India 🇮🇳?

Army Day is celebrated on January 15th. The day honours the traditions of the Indian Army. It is a national annual event that recognizes the sacrifices made by Indian soldiers in defending their country and upholding peace and security. The Indian Army has successfully stopped terrorism and other threats to peace and stability in the region for over seventy years.

The Indian Army has been an integral part of India's democratic and independent nation. We honour the Indian Army and Freedom Fighters and pay tribute to their sacrifices to commemorate this day. We celebrate their glorious achievements in defending our land and preserving our identity.

How we do wishes each other Happy Army Day?

Every year, Indians celebrate Indian Army Day to honour the courage and sacrifices of our soldiers. It is not an occasion to celebrate but rather an opportunity to learn about the courageous deeds undertaken by Indian army personnel in different parts of the world.

Army Day is a day for the Indian soldiers to show their love and respect to the Indian Army. On this day, Indian people are sending wishes in video statuses through WhatsApp. The words 'Happy Army Day' is used as the caption for many posts that include soldier army-related patriotic songs, lyric videos, and Hd images of the Indian Army.

Thus, we have collected some of the brave-hearted army soldier video statuses for Whatsapp. You can download and share these short video clips with your friends and family members on social networks apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.

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