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Do you want some spiritual and inspirational quotes? Are you believe in Lord Krishna?

This whole list of Hindi quotes and images are just for you. The quotes by Shree Krishna are from the Bhagavad Gita. In the Bhagavad Gita, tells all about Dharma to Karma for our life. Trust me! These quotes are extremely Powerful and Motivational.

God Shree Krishna is the eighth avatar of God Vishnu. Bhagwan Shree Krishna describes wisdom, love, and intellect. God Vishnu is a supreme God in Hinduism In India. In the life of Krishna, We can learn lots of lessons to live life peacefully and happily.

Here, We provide you best quotations of Lord Krishna and his awesome thoughts on life in Hindi. With the beautiful Krishna images in the background, words like toches your heart.

🎲 Radha Krishna Images With Quotes 🎲

Radha Krishna Images With Quotes

अपने अनिवार्य कार्य करो,
क्योंकि वास्तव में कार्य करना निष्क्रियता से बेहतर है.

Do your compulsory work,
Because actually working is better than inaction.
Krishna Quotes On Love

इस जीवन में ना कुछ खोता है ना व्यर्थ होता है.

Nothing is lost or wasted in this life.
Krishna Quotes On Love

व्यक्ति जो चाहे बन सकता है यदी वह विश्वास के साथ इच्छित वस्तु पर लगातार चिंतन करे

If a person can become whatever he wants, he can continuously think on the desired thing with confidence
Krishna Quotes On Love

भगवान प्रत्येक वस्तु में है और सबके ऊपर भी.

God is in everything and above all.

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