Broken Status Videos 2022: Sad Heart-broken Whatsapp status Download


A new type of status video will tell you're feeling sad and broken-hearted. It's called a 🥀💔Broken status video because you're breaking a relationship (BF/GF/husband/wife/friend) or some horrible event happened. You're broken hearted by your loved one and need to express that sad feeling to the world. For that reason, We collected broken status videos to help you express your feelings, and we need to start living up to our full potential. The goal is to help people manage as best as possible and provide emotional support.

Best Broken Status Videos

Get a broken status video that really shows your heart feeling

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- This broken song status will mentally show your feeling on Whatsapp, Facebook. Videos are high-quality portraits and landscapes, so they help express the feeling of being broken and downright terrible.

Broken Heart Shayari Video Status For Whatsapp

What does it mean when you break a relationship? When you break a relationship, you're no longer happy. You're sad, but you're not broken. You're not in pain, but you're not in the right direction. You're feeling lost, and that's the most important thing. If you're looking for emotional support, this is the perfect post to start. The Broken heart Shayari video is also available to watch on this post. Our broken status videos are 30-secs Hindi Movie Sad Songs and HD mp4 quality.

Broken Girl Emotional Video Status Download

We have also included another type of broken video called a broken girl emotional video status. This video is about how you are feeling, and it is about how you need to get over the situation. You might be feeling so sad that you don't know how to tell yourself something is better going to happen. This broken girl emotional video will help you start living and get better news. It is free to download, and it's 30-seconds long.

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